This virtuoso competition piece has been composed to challenge not only the technical prowess of the performer, but also the interpretive ability of the pianist. The performer needs a colourful imagination to fully explore the dramatic and contrasting elements in the work suggested by the title, but without it being too literal. As a very young pianist my favourite performance piece was, “Le Chat et le Souris” (the Cat and the Mouse) by Aaron Copland, my inspiration for this work.
In this short work a large range of contrasting dynamics is used for the divergent moods, which range from mysterious flutters, furtive footsteps and stealthy watchfulness to energetic, playful, celebratory and joyous abandon; always harbouring an underlying tension. A pulsating drive, mostly in triplet figures, is interspersed with hesitant approaches, which culminate in a climactic chase to the finish.

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Arrangement: Piano
Category: Instrumental
Primary Instrument: Piano (pf)