Masebe is a pianist, composer and curator. Currently working as an archivist,
she has access to multiple indigenous musical material from sub-saharan Africa.
This along with her rich cultural childhood has shaped her compositions into
interesting combinations of polyrhythmic ‘African’ structures and harmonies
heavily inspired by impressionist/modernist composers who inspire her


Monthati is 24 years old and in this early-phase of her career, she has done jingle and voice over work, art
installation pieces- and has composed works for chamber orchestra, electronic
and prepared piano, string quartet. Her most recent work is a commission for
the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, which is inspired by Tshikona pipe ensembles
(reed pipe ensemble from one of the smaller South African tribes-Venda). She
likes to push conventions of time by thinking of music as moments that come and
go as they please, not a fixated pulse determined by machines and rigidity.


Works in the archive